Standard and Custom Boxes

Here at Munster Packaging, we take you through every step in the process of finding the perfect box for your needs.

We can supply you with a high-quality colour print, including bar-coding on any type of box, display or point-of-sale units created using your own personal design, all tailor-made to promote your company and goods.  Whether you choose a standard box or with help from our design team create a unique          made-to-order piece, we ensure that from the starting design right through to manufacturing, the finished product is exactly what you require.

For standard design boxes, please visit the Fefco website for more detailed information on choosing the right box for you.

Please quote the Fefco box style number from their website when contacting us.                                      

Unless otherwise specified all dimensions are expressed as internal dimensions in mm as follows: Length (L) x Breadth (B) x Height (H)  

  • Length (L) = the longer dimension at the opening, 
  • Breadth (B) = the shorter dimension at the opening, 
  • Height (H) = the dimension from the top of the opening to the base. 

The correct and effective closure of the packages is as important as the packaging construction itself.

The following methods of closure are possible either singly or in combination: Gluing (hot or cold), taping, interlocking or stitching.